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galvanized steel bar rod

Galvanized Hot steel bar

Galvanized steel should be used anywhere rust protection is required or desired to create durable, long lasting products and structures. The quick fix options to prevent rust, like that of painting or coatings of grease and oil, tend to be unreliable and only provide short-term corrosion protection requiring continued maintenance.

Galvanized materials require less maintenance, less repair costs, have a longer life expectancy than that of uncoated steel, and have a lower initial cost than other coating options.


Semi-smooth, zinc finish

Great corrosion resistance and ideal for outdoor use or exposed environments. 

Galvanized hot roll steel flat bar is sold in 10’and 20’lengths.  

Galvanized applications include steel frame buildings, outdoor exposed structures, fencing, roofing, handrails, ductwork, staircases, sign posts, and more!

Factory Show:
Packing Show:

Surface Treatment

1. Galvanized

2. PVC,Black and color painting

3. Transparent oil,anti-rust oil

4. According to clients requirement

Delivery Time:Usually within 10-15 days after receipt of advance payment

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