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1070 Aluminum Foil

1070 aluminium foil supplied by Wuxi JMJDWX Steel  has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. With high aluminum content (over 99.97%), 1070 aluminium foil is suitable for making gaskets, capacitors, electronic, battery cover, transformer winding.  The product has stable performance and excellent quality.

The technical parameter of 1070 aluminum foil are:

 -Alloy 1070

-Temper .:H18、O、H22、H24

-Thickness(mm): 0.016-0.2

-Width(mm): 100-1600

-Length(mm): C

-Product Transformer Wingding, Battery, Electronic Components,food packing

The Chemical composition (%) of 1070 aluminium foil are:

Standard Value≥99.70.04310.2030.00130.00930.01040.020.00220.0039

The advantages of  Wuxi JM 's Aluminum Foil 1070 are:

1. Strictly control the width and thickness of the finished product, and the thickness up and down is guaranteed to be within 4%;

2. To ensure the quality of the slice, the end face is aligned, no burr, tower shape, etc.;

3. Ensure that the tape at the joint does not stick to a layer;

4.The layout is smooth, no edge, oil spots, black oil spots, bright lines, roller prints, bumps and so on.

Factory Show:

What are your advantages?

1) Fast delivery time

2) High quality, quantity is with preferential treatment

3) We can process to different finish you request

4) 800 Tons/Month, high production capability will short your wait time. 

5) Good quality with reasonable price 

6) Buyer's Specification Accepted

7) Experienced R & D Department

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