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AISI 1018 Sheet

  • Introduction

AISI 1018 mild/low carbon steel has excellent weldability and produces a uniform and harder case and it is considered as the best steel for carburized parts. AISI 1018 mild/low carbon steel offers a good balance of toughness, strength and ductility. Provided with higher mechanical properties, AISI 1018 hot rolled steel also includes improved machining characteristics and Brinell hardness.   

  • Chemical composition and Physical properties Of AISI 1018

Chemical Composition of  AISI 1018







0.14 - 0.20 %

≤ 0.040 %

≤ 0.050 %

98.81 - 99.26 %


Physical properties of AISI 1018
GradeHardness BrinellHardness, KnoopElongation at Break
 AISI 1018126
  • Application

Carburized parts that include worms, gears, pins, dowels, non-critical components of tool and die sets, tool holders, pinions, machine parts, ratchets, dowels and chain pins use AISI 1018 steel.

  •  Other Analysis


AISI 1018 steel can be instantly welded by all the conventional welding processes. Welding is not recommended for AISI 1018 steel when it is carbonitrided and carburized.

Low carbon welding electrodes are used in the welding procedure. Post-heating and pre-heating are not necessary, although pre-heating can be performed for sections over 50 mm. Post-weld stress-relieving also has benefits, like the pre-heating process.

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment for AISI 1018 steel consists of the following processes:

Normalizing :AISI 1018 steel should be heated at 890°C – 940°C and then cooled in still air.

Forging  This process requires heating at 1150°C - 1280°C and AISI 1018 steel is held until the temperature becomes constant. 900°C is the minimum temperature required for the forging process. The steel is cooled in air after this process.

Tempering :AISI 1018 steel is tempered at 150°C – 200°C to improve case toughness. This process has little or no effect on hardness. Grinding cracks are reduced when AISI 1018 steel is tempered.

Annealing :The AISI 1018 steel is heated at 870°C – 910°C and allowed to cool in a furnace.

Stress Relieving :A temperature of 500°C – 700°C is required to relieve stress in AISI 1018 steel that is later cooled down in still air.

Case Hardening  :This process requires heating to be carried out between 780°C – 820°C. AISI 1018 steel is then quenched in water.

Core Refining  :This is an optional process that requires heating at 880°C – 920°C. After being heated, AISI 1018 steel is moistened in oil or water.

Carburizing :This process takes place at 880°C – 920°C for AISI 1018steel. It is used in bending, crimping and swaging processes and is widely used for fixtures, mounting plates and spacers and in applications that do not need high alloy steel and high carbon strength. Carburized parts that include worms, gears, pins, dowels, non-critical components of tool and die sets, tool holders, pinions, machine parts, ratchets, dowels and chain pins use AISI 1018 steel.



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