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309S Stainless Steel Coil/Roll

JMJDWX Steel 309s Stainless Steel Coil/Roll, is a variation of 309 stainless steel  with lower carbon content. It is applied to the occasion. Low carbon content is made in the heat affected zone near the weld in the precipitation of carbide to a minimum,which may result in precipitation of carbide stainless steel inter-granular corrosion in some environments (welding erosion)

309S Generally used for furnace material, produced in 850 ℃ -- 1050 ℃ work of all kinds of heat-resistant artifacts, such as bracket, conveyor belts,annealing furnace cover, thermal cracking tubes, etc. Mainly used for free cutting and the surface which is bright and high clean demanding occasions

specification Thickness: 0.3-6.0mm 3.0mm*100mm                                           Finish: 2B/No.1

Width:  500-2000mm                                normal size: 1000 1219 1220 1240 1250 1500 2000mm          

Length: 1000-6000mm                             normal size: 2438 2440 3000 6000mm

Application: a.Construction field, shipping building industry

                       b. Petroleum and Chemical Industries 

Call JMJDWX Steel if you need specific sizes or grain direction. 

Chemical composition and mechanical properties of Stainless Steel 309S.

chemical composition(% ) of 309s Stainless Steel Coil

Mechanical properties  of  309s Stainless Steel Coil

Performanceyield strength/MPaTensile strength/MPaElongation /%Reduction of area /%
Proportion≥ 205≥ 515≥ 40≥50


*For cold rolled stainless steel,JM steel will do 

*PVC or interleaving paper to protect surface,

*then use waterproof paper;

*steel strip to reinforcement;

Package by steel strip and covered by water-proof materials;

Less than 50tons, container shipment, more than 50ton, bulk carrier shipment;

20 feet container contains dimension;

Width under 2300mm, length under 6000mm;

40 feet container contains dimension;

Width under 2300mm, length under 12000mm.

Factory Show:

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*Exports of stainless steel exceeded tens of billions for 5 consecutive years.            

*We have a complete set of testing equipment, such as ut & ET, hydrauilc testinge quipment, spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, etc, and have passed SGS TUV certification

*JM Steel has hundreds of millions of high-end processing equipment at home and abroad, including precision cutting equipment: advanced Italian Nova stainless steel Kaiping production line, Taiwan Weitai stainless steel cross-cutting line, Taiwan Weitai stainless steel slitting line, large-scale stainless steel cold and hot rolling Flattening machine, slitting machine, etc

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