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ASTM A106 Steel Pipe

  • Introduction

A106 pipe is American standard material, including A, B, C three grades, the ingredients of A106 A is carbon and silicon, the tensile strength grade is 330 MPa. The ingredients of A106 B is carbon,manganese and silicon, the tensile strength grade is 415 MPa. The ingredients of A106 C is carbon, manganese and silicon components, the tensile strength grade is 485 MPa.

  • Chemical composition and Mechanical properties Of ASTM A106

Chemical composition(%) of ASTM A106

Mechanical properties of ASTM A106

PerformanceTensile strength/MPaElongation /%Yield strength/Mpa

  • Application

It is usually used in industrial plants, power plants, refineries and chemical plants. In addition, for the reason of strength values conservation it is came into use in architectural projects. A106 grade pipe is a seamless pipe and there are three types: gr A, gr B and gr C. Among these, the most commonly used type is gr B.

  • Other Analysis

1.Measurement of wall thickness changes

2.Tensile Test

3.Hardness Test

4.ASTM Grain Size Analysis

  • Benefits of ASTM A106

Pressure Tested

ASTM A106 is pressure tested to allow for liquids and gases to be passed through it.
Corrosion resistance
Carbon steel  can be resistant to corrosion due to the addition of lacquer coating, hot-dipped galvanizing, or zinc coating. This allows builders to use smaller, thinner pipes, even in environments that are acidic or extremely corrosive.
Shock Resistance
A106 steel  offers great resistance to vibration and shock.
High  Tensile Strength
ASTM A106 tested  has higher tensile strengths than welded one which make it safe to use in situations with very high pressures.


No matter the pressure that needs to be withstood, carbon A106 steel  can be much thinner than other types . This means that they have a greater carrying capacity than other pipes.

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