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310S Stainless Steel Bar/Rod

JMJDWX Steel 310s Stainless Steel Bar,310S stainless steel is austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel, which has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Because of the high percentage of chromium and nickel, it has much better creep strength, can work continuously at high temperature, and has good high temperature resistance. Due to the high content of nickel (Ni) and chromium (CR), it has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. High temperature resistant steel pipes are specially used for manufacturing electric furnace tubes. After increasing the carbon content in austenitic stainless steel, the strength is improved due to its solid solution strengthening effect. The chemical composition characteristics of austenitic stainless steel are based on chromium and nickel, adding molybdenum, tungsten, niobium and titanium Because of its face centered cubic structure, the element has high strength and creep strength at high temperature


Application:  Aviation industry, chemical industry and national defense

• Diameter × diameter × 0.00609 = kg/M (applicable to 410 420 )                        For example: ¢ 50 × 50 × 0.00609 = 15.23kg/m

  Diameter × diameter × 0.00623 = kg/M (applicable to 301 303 304 316L 321)    For example: ¢ 50 × 50 × 0.00623 = 15.575kg/m

Mill tolerances on thickness & flatness applies.Call JMJDWX Steel if you need specific sizes or grain direction. 

Chemical composition  Of Stainless Steel 310s

chemical composition(%)  of Stainless Steel 310s


JM steel will use waterproof paper steel strip and wooden cases.

Why choose us?

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*We have a complete set of testing equipment, such as ut & ET, hydrauilc testinge quipment, spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, etc, and have   passed SGS TUV certification.
*JM Steel has hundreds of millions of high-end processing equipment at home and abroad, including precision cutting equipment: advanced Italian Nova stainless steel Kaiping production line, Taiwan Weitai stainless steel cross-cutting line, Taiwan Weitai stainless steel slitting line, large-scale stainless steel cold and hot rolling Flattening machine, slitting machine, etc.

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