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Three useful tips teach you how to choose stainless steel manufacturer from China!

Three useful tips teach you how to choose stainless steel manufacturer from China

 Did the antibacterial stainless steel mentioned in the last issue and the stainless steel of the sink mentioned in the previous issue impress you? In fact, stainless steel is everywhere around us, guardrails, security windows, stair handrails, etc. In industry, there are oil well pipes, boiler pipes, hydraulic prop pipes, oil cracking pipes, etc., which shows how indispensable stainless steel is. Due to increasing demand, the stainless steel industry has developed. Although there are many choices of stainless steel manufacturers, stainless steel manufacturers are uneven and difficult to choose.

So, how do we choose high-quality stainless steel manufacturers? Here are some of our suggestions,

We can check from the following aspects:

find the precise way

finalize the right price

Verify the reliability of the manufacturer

1. How to find the products you need?

Usually when we look for manufacturers, we may enter the keywords of stainless steel you need through some first-class search engines such as Google and Baidu, and then visit the website corresponding to the goods you need. We can visit the official website of the manufacturer to view the products including Specifications, production scale, workshop size, number of production lines, inventory, and packaging. Specializing in the production of stainless steel pipe manufacturers, then its scale must not be too small, the production line is sufficiently advanced, large, and sufficient inventory, which can effectively guarantee the delivery date of stainless steel pipes. We can also log in to a series of excellent B2B websites such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, Steelscource, etc., and enter product information to screen and make a final inquiry. You can also do the corresponding background investigation on the manufacturer to verify the reliability of the manufacturer's strength.

The above is the hard power of the factory, but also depends on the soft power of the factory:

Whether the delivery time is guaranteed on time, pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales service, reputation and reputation, etc. Be careful not to find some leather bag company to supply, the risk is too great, the after-sales service is too poor, if there is a problem, no one can be found. If something similar happens, you can take the contract, sales list, receipt and other supporting materials to the relevant department to apply for arbitration.

2. How to get the price?

You can put forward your ideal inquiry according to your needs. A good stainless steel manufacturer can stand the test of time and market. Professional stainless steel manufacturers will have transparent and fair prices, and each process will have a corresponding price standard, so we should all know the principle of "you get what you pay for". If the price is too cheap, there may be risks of cutting corners and making fakes real. Please don't believe it lightly. At the same time, product prices are also part of improving market competitiveness, and professional stainless steel pipe manufacturers will have relatively fair prices.

3.How to examine the reliability of the company?

 The main characteristic of some companies that have developed recently and are short of capital chain is that they pay special attention to short-term benefits, 



so they have low entry barriers, low requirements for distributors, and outrageous brand advocacy, which is unrealistic. Now the steel market is very sluggish, it is still necessary to inspect the suppliers on the spot, ordinary steel has no nameplate, unless you are in the case of visual inspection or inspection, otherwise inexperienced you will usually not know where the batch came from just now, so buy The steel must be purchased from a regular supplier (steel trader) and ask for a quality certificate (material book). Most of the steel is affixed or hung, and sprayed with nameplates. Generally speaking, the place of origin can be determined. Below are some inspection stainless steels. Quality experience sharing:

1)Magnetic detection

Among them, austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic, while ferritic stainless steel is a strong magnetic steel body. A series of experiments have proved that austenitic stainless steel will have insignificant magnetism under certain special conditions, but under normal circumstances It is not magnetic.

2)Carry out nitric acid point test

In many cases, 200 series, 300 series, 400 series and other types of stainless steel are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It is the most intuitive test method to test the corrosion resistance of the substrate through the nitric acid point test. Generally, the 400 series will only be slightly corroded during the test. The 200 series stainless steel with the lowest corrosion resistance will have obvious corrosion marks.

3)pass machining inspection

If the stainless steel to be tested is of shaft type, it is recommended to take a normal lathe or CNC lathe for machining inspection, but there are still limitations. This method is only suitable for free-cutting steels and standard stainless steels, such as 303, 416, 420F, 430F, 440F, the type of steel grade is identified by the shape of the turning chips. This kind of easy-to-cut steel grades will emit an unpleasant smell when turning in a dry state.

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