19th of April ,2021

Fun games established in JM Company

In this early spring, there were fierce cheers, cheers, and shouts. The joy of this fun games is flying in every corner of JM company, and every employee is filled with laughter and endless pride. They must show themselves in the games and give play to their specialties.

All members of the Fun Games participated actively. The whole factory was divided into 8 participating teams, 120 employee contestants and 3 employee referees. The organizing committee of the JM company trade union has set up ten types of competitions in the sports meeting. They are: three-person four-legged, thirty-person tug-of-war, three-person skipping rope, five-person group blowing balloons, six-person group playing table tennis relay, eight Men's team/double dribble back-to-back basketball relay, five-man team kicking shuttlecock, carton box competition, palletizing competition, etc. Every competition event can exercise everyone's ability to use their hands and brains, and can also exercise everyone's spirit of unity and cooperation at work. This is not only a competition of wisdom and physical strength, but also a perfect competition of unity and cooperation.

From the beginning to the end of the sports meeting, every athlete and team participating in the competition will affect the heartstrings of the employees present. Breathe together, share fate. Cheer, cheer, and applaud each other. The laughter and laughter at the scene one after another, truly reflected everyone's great enthusiasm and regaining their lost virginity.

This fun games strengthened the cohesion within the departments, increased the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, and enhanced the communication between departments. It has built a stage for employees to show their talents, enhance friendship, and hone their will, and provide a platform for "happy sports and healthy sports". Athletes rely on their own strength and teamwork spirit, the style and level of the competition, and achieved a good harvest of spiritual civilization and sports performance. The fun games have more fun, more innocence, let employees experience the joy of sports, the fun of competition, the joy of participation, cultivate the awareness of rules and the spirit of collaboration, and stimulate the potential of sports, not only for the psychological quality of employees , Physical fitness and sports

The review of the dynamic level is also the review of the organization's discipline and mental outlook.

This fun games ended with cheers,  we will take this games as a new starting point, pack up our bags, pack up our bags, and follow the company’s "being diligent and conscientious." Enterprise training and enterprises are marching towards the goal of "higher, faster and stronger" together!

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