26th of April ,2021

The management Futong cloud platform system training

The management Futong cloud platform system training

    In order to better improve the overall management level of the company, meet the strategic needs of the company, enhance the capabilities of employees, and create an atmosphere for all employees to learn, the company has established its own training team. /static/upload/images/252d6e713857ac4d2aea756d599ce669.jpg

    On April 26, 2021, the management Futong cloud platform system training organized by the senior management of JM Company was successfully launched in JM Company. It is hoped that through the idea of training new employees for old employees, the knowledge and skills can be taught in a targeted manner. The team this time is to select the employees themselves or internally, and then conduct unified training. The main content of the training includes operation steps, operation skills, operation summary, etc. Platform training is a kind of training project of JM Company.

  It is the most valuable investment for enterprises, and it is also a win-win investment. The training not only improves the efficiency and value of increasing the output of the enterprise to benefit the enterprise, but also enhances the overall quality and ability of the supervisor and trainees, and benefits the majority of employees. Therefore, training is the best gift an enterprise can give its employees. 

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