28th of June ,2021

Stainless steel can be used to make hangers

                         Stainless steel can be used to make hangers

           There are many kinds of hangers, and stainless steel drying racks are one of them. They are popular because of their durability and cost effectiveness, and are therefore widely used in homes and clothing stores. In this issue, JM Steel will talk about the application of stainless steel in hangers.


  • We can also compare from other materials of hangers, stainless steel drying racks have the following advantages.


1. Traditional wooden hangers, it has the advantage that the material is not polluting to the environment, the cost is generally not high, the disadvantage is that it is easy to crack or deformation in the presence of water, susceptible to mold erosion, the service life is short.



2. Plastic hangers, the advantages of low cost, lightweight in carrying, colorful, the disadvantage is to withstand heavy clothing may be deformed or broken, wear and tear will affect the gloss and beauty, production and recycling will pollute the environment, although the advantages are outstanding, the disadvantages are indeed irreparable.



3. Alloy system hanger surface bright, anodic oxidation, powder coating, electrophoresis, etc., light, good color and luster. But the alloy is much more expensive than the price of stainless steel, from the price to distinguish, stainless steel accounted for a great advantage.



4. Stainless steel hangers compared to the first two, can be said to have their advantages and make up for some of the shortcomings. The characteristics of stainless steel hangers are strong, durable, can withstand heavy clothing without deformation, metal texture fashionable and beautiful, so stainless steel hangers to be widely popular.



  • So, what kind of stainless steel is suitable for making drying racks?


The answer is, of course, 304/304L.

--Hangers used for drying, often exposed to the outdoors, will experience the ravages of wind, sun, rain, in such a harsh environment, 304 stainless steel reflects the extremely high performance of corrosion resistance.

The most common austenitic grade is Type 304/304L. All other grades have been developed by adding alloying elements to 18-8 to provide exceptional corrosion resistanceimproved performance or better weldability. 304/304L type has the quality to effectively withstand wind and do so solidly. And Type 304/304L accounts for more than 60% of all stainless steel made in the world today.



--Since people are usually hanging clean clothes after washing and drying, these require hangers made of these stainless steels to have some antibacterial properties. These industries require materials that do not release large amounts of contaminants into the product. They must also be easy to clean.

For example, the widespread use of 304/304L stainless steel in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications reflects the antimicrobial properties of these materials. For example, liquid mixing and storage tanks are easy to clean and provide proper sanitation for food preparation and food and beverage handling. Commercial dishwashing detergents eliminate 97% of the microorganisms that adhere to stainless steel surfaces. Flavor and color remain intact, with no effect on contact with the tank material.


--With the rapid development of society, human beings are paying more and more attention to the development of environmental protection, environmental awareness can involve all aspects of life, the durability of stainless steel has long been heard. 304/304L type stainless steel life can be up to ten years at the same time, the discarded stainless steel hangers can also be used for recycling and utilization.


Another innovative use of 304/304L can be found in building planning. Sustainable engineering ensures the longevity and safety of buildings. Design guidelines for stainless steel structures include the ability to withstand the most severe natural hazards and even consider the resilience to withstand what we consider normal weather effects over time. An example of sustainable engineering can be found in the National Archives of Canada in Gatineau, Quebec. This impressive structure is designed to withstand flooding and seismic events. The properties of the nickel-containing Type 304L used in the structure provide secure protection for the country's most valuable historical documents. 



  • Although stainless steel hangers have many advantages, but because it is a steel material, so in the use of several points need to be noted.


1. Stainless steel hangers in the purchase of the best choice of formal manufacturers, some small workshops processing products corner end production rough, easy to scratch the body. There are also some stainless steel hangers designed to be more sharp, more dangerous, it is best not to choose this kind of shape hangers.


2. Stainless steel hangers are polishing process, some hangers in the polishing process when the surface there are residual adhesion, so some friends found that the stainless steel hangers bought home with hands after touching, hands have black stains. So stainless steel hangers to buy home is best to use water to clean the side, wipe clean and then use.

3. If the stainless steel hanger stained with oil and other adhesions, one is to use a steel wire ball to directly remove the adhesions, then wash and dry with water, and then wipe a little oil on it. Second, a cotton cloth squeezed on some toothpaste to remove, clean water and wipe a little oil for maintenance.


4. Stainless steel hangers are not used will not rust. Rust occurs, you can use sandpaper to remove the rust, and then brush a layer of anti-rust paint.


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