9th of January ,2024

JMJD daily shipping records of stainless steel coils

Daily stainless steel roll delivery requires coordination and cooperation between the company's internal departments, as well as effective communication with transportation companies and customers. The efficient implementation of this process is vital to meet customer needs, maintain good customer relationships, and ensure the smooth progress of the company's business.


Make sure that the car loading area is clean and tidy, without debris and obstacles. Check whether the car loading equipment and tools are intact, including cranes, cables, pallets, etc.

Handle and stack

Use a heavy machine or forklift to carry the stainless steel rolls from the storage area to the loading site. According to the car loading plan, stack the stainless steel rolls stacked on the tray in accordance with certain rules and order.

Fixed and protection

Use straps, ropes, or other fixed devices to fix the stainless steel rolls on the tray to prevent moving or dropping during transportation. You can use foam, cardboard and other materials to wrap and protect stainless steel rolls to prevent surface scratches.

Loading and fixed

The stacked stainless steel rolls are installed on the transport vehicle with equipment or forklifts. Make sure the loading process is stable and safe, and avoid damage to stainless steel rolls. After the loading is completed, the stainless steel roll is fixed on the vehicle with a fixed device such as ropes and straps to ensure the safety of the transportation.

Check and record

After the loading is completed, the final inspection is performed to ensure that all stainless steel rolls have been correctly loaded and fixed. Record the relevant information of the loading, including the number, quantity, loading location, etc. for tracking and management.


After confirming that everything is ready, transportation vehicles can depart to the destination.

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