25th of March ,2021

Jinming Jiande comprehensive upgrade

Details determine success or failure, and quantitative changes cause qualitative changes. Jinming Jiande Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was newly installed and upgraded in March 2021, and has gradually realized highly standardized and refined management; not only from the workshop 5s management, product quality management, personnel quality management, etc., it starts strictly with strict management, but also strengthens with the company's comprehensive management department. Up to company management personnel, down to the training of plant operators, improve the quality of personnel.

It is required to build standardized and standard workshops, gradually realize the automation upgrade of traditional industries, and continuously introduce advanced technology and automation equipment, so as to achieve a leap in qualitative changes caused by quantitative changes, and further enhance the brand effect of Jinming Jiande.

The business department of Jinming Jiande mainly undertakes foreign exchanges and after-sales services. It has established cooperative relations with many foreign companies. To a certain extent, this has also accelerated Jinming Jiande's grouping and systematic operation, and the development of the industry in an all-round way!

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