13th of January ,2022

Characteristics and processing precautions of brushed alumina plate

The brushed alumina board is mainly composed of panels, reinforcing ribs and corner yards, and is a relatively widely used decoration material at present. Generally speaking, the veneer of this material can be mainly used for interior and exterior walls, columns and beams, balconies, interior and exterior decoration and billboard promotion. So compared with inferior veneer, what are the characteristics of high-quality brushed alumina board?

First of all, the high-quality brushed alumina board is made of high-quality aluminum material, and we can see the difference at a glance. The high-quality aluminum plate looks very strong and flat, while the inferior aluminum plate looks uneven, and even fluffs in many cases. At the same time, we know that the aluminum plate actually has the function of fire prevention, and the fireproof core plate is actually placed in the middle of the aluminum plate. After all, many small workshops mainly cut corners and use inferior materials to reduce the cost of input.

As a decoration material, brushed alumina board can be used in many aspects. For example, some squares or the outer walls of some buildings will be wrapped with aluminum plates, which is not only conducive to publicity, but also can well protect the outer walls. However, when choosing, you must know how to judge which are high-quality aluminum sheets and which are inferior unqualified veneers. After all, many things are pirated now, so it is recommended to choose those brands with complete three certificates when purchasing. , instead of those black households who do not know where to produce and do not have any guarantees of aluminum plates. In many cases, it is not only a decoration, but actually more of a protection measure for the building, and the quality is very important relatively speaking.

Matters needing attention in the processing of brushed alumina plate

brushed alumina plate

The brushed alumina plate has won the favor of many users with its unique characteristics, but many people do not know much about the questions that the brushed alumina plate presents during processing.

1. The ingot is not homogenized, so that the Mg2Si phase separated from the ingot arrangement cannot be re-solidified in a relatively short period of kneading, resulting in insufficient solid solution and affecting the function of the product; it is necessary to cast ingots of brushed alumina plates Perform homogenization.

2. The temperature of the brushed alumina plate is too low when kneading, the kneading speed is too slow, the outlet temperature of the brushed alumina plate profile at the kneader cannot reach the solid solution temperature, and the solid solution strengthening effect cannot be achieved; it is necessary to reasonably control the brushed alumina plate The kneading temperature and kneading speed keep the profile temperature above the minimum solution temperature at the outlet of the kneading machine.

3. The composition of the ingot is unqualified, and the content of Mg and Si in the ingot does not meet the standard requirements; it is necessary to strengthen the quality management of the ingot.

4. There are few fans at the outlet of the brushed alumina plate, and the air volume is not enough, resulting in a slow cooling rate of the brushed alumina plate, which cannot make the profile drop below 200 °C in the shortest time, so that the coarse Mg2Si is separated prematurely, so that the solid solution phase The reduction affects the mechanical properties of the profiles after heat treatment; it is necessary to strengthen the air cooling conditions, and the factories with conditions can install atomization cooling equipment in order to reach the minimum requirements of the 6063 alloy cooling gradient.

5. Improper aging technology, poor hot air circulation or inaccurate position of thermocouple equipment, resulting in insufficient aging or over aging; strong demand for reasonable determination of aging technology, accurate installation of thermocouples on brushed alumina plates, and accurate placement of profiles to ensure hot air circulation.

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