7th of January ,2022

How much do you know about seamless steel pipes

Seamless steel pipes are perforated from whole round steel with no welds on the surface, and there are many different types. So how are seamless steel pipes classified according to their materials? What are the advantages and disadvantages of seamless steel pipes?

How to classify seamless steel pipes according to their materials?

According to the material, it can be classified into ordinary type, high-quality type, low-alloy type, alloy type, stainless and acid-resistant type, etc. Because of its excellent physical properties, it is widely used in the manufacturing industry, including bearings, frame, scaffolding and rods and other tools, all made of this material.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of seamless steel pipes?

1. Advantages of seamless steel pipe

① Its weight is not large, only 1/5 of the steel under the same volume.

②It can resist the corrosion of corrosive substances, acid-base salts and other chemical reactions, as well as the damage of certain elements in the air. And its high temperature tolerance is very good, and it can withstand high-strength impacts. The overall metal is not prone to fatigue, does not require periodic maintenance, and has an extra-long usable time of more than 15 years.

seamless stainless steel

③ Its resistance to strong tension is 8-10 times higher than similar materials, and its elastic deformation performance is much better than them, and it can resist creep to a large extent.

④ It has excellent mechanical properties and can be easily processed in the factory.

⑤ With its high elasticity, it will not produce memory deformation when it is used in mechanical equipment, and it can also effectively prevent the generation of static electricity.

2. Disadvantages of seamless steel pipe

① First of all, there is a key point that if the material is very good, the pipe wall will be very thick. If you want to use thinner-walled materials, the cost will increase due to the complexity of the processing technology.

② Its production technology has caused its own limitations. Because the ordinary steel does not have high precision, the thickness of the tube wall is uneven, and the internal and external luster is gray, resulting in the appearance of the entire material is not acceptable.

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