27th of June ,2021

A meaningful birthday party held by JM Steel's employees

A meaningful birthday party held by employees

June 27, 2021 is the birthday of Mr. Liu of JM Steel. In order to thank Mr. Liu for his care and care of his colleagues in the past, we decided to celebrate with him. Because JM Steel has its current brilliance, it is inseparable from Mr. Liu's dedication and dedication. It is his spur that JM Steel has grown and made JM Steel's current brilliance.


Days are getting closer and closer, the company union has been planning for a long time, and everyone has begun to take action.


June 27th was a Sunday, which coincided with the employees' day off, and the partner did not forget to help Mr. Liu celebrate his birthday. He is a workaholic, always secretly appearing in the office and working overtime in silence. A careful partner made a suggestion--all of our employees took a birthday greeting video to the boss. This suggestion was quickly adopted by everyone. We also raised expenses spontaneously to make birthday cakes for the boss, hoping to leave a good memory for him and express the best wishes of employees to Mr. Liu.



The video is just the beginning, we are going to create another surprise for him. As other departments are working, in order not to disturb the daily work of colleagues in other departments, the union intends to temporarily borrow the conference room as the venue for Mr. Liu's birthday party. We purchased balloons and candles locally to create an atmosphere. Many of the balloons may not be blown out for a while, but we are so powerful that we have stopped working one after another to help blow up the balloons. In less than an hour, the balloon was blown up. As the saying goes, "Everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high." JM Steel has a rich culture. The friends are always united in a new way. The venue for the boss's birthday party was quickly set up.



Unknowingly, June 27 is approaching, that is, Mr. Liu's birthday has finally arrived. The office changed the working atmosphere of the past and played lively and cheerful music. Mr. Liu came, and an employee of JM Steel quietly walked into the meeting room. He was taken into the office by a colleague. Suddenly the birthday song sounded. Mr. Liu blew the candles and made a wish, which moved him very much. Finally, Mr. Liu expressed his gratitude to the employees and sincerely wished JM Steel better and better.



Celebrating employees’ birthdays has always been JM Steel's corporate culture. The company promotes unity, friendship and hard work. The birthday party is a testament to the company’s beautiful culture. I hope JM Steel will do better and better!

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