Slitting Line

  • Shearing - Precision shearing of sheets, plates, flats, rounds, angles. Our shears and iron workers can handle everything from light gauge sheets to one-inch plates, from narrow strips to twelve-foot wide plates. Our shear operators can meet your tolerance requirements.

  • Saw Cutting - Close tolerance sawing of bars and beams. Our band saws can process your order to your tolerances, from one piece to thousands.

  • Plasma Cutting - Using the latest technology, our modern plasma cutting equipment can provide ultra-precise parts from your drawings, or we can import your CAD files directly into our system.

  • Punching - Our iron workers can punch holes and save you dollars by eliminating costly drilling operations. Holes from 1/4 to 1-1/2 inch in diameter in material up to 1 inch thick can be punched in angles, clips, or beams.

  • Drilling - We can drill accurately-located holes up to 2” diameter and 6” deep in a single pass, enabling us to provide heavy-duty base plates requiring large diameter bolt holes at a low cost.

  • Splitting - Split tees and angles made from the wide flange and channel shapes are produced by flame-cutting. Generally, any beam or channel 4 inches or deeper can be split. Tees and angles can also be straightened at an additional charge.

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