26th of April ,2023

What industries are suitable for aluminum materials for

Aluminum profiles are also known as industrial aluminum extrusion profiles and industrial aluminum profiles. The main materials are aluminum, and then the mold is squeezed and molded, which can have a variety of different sections. Industrial aluminum profiles have good formability and processing, and there are oxidation films on the side, so they are beautiful and durable, anti -corrosion and abrasion and wear, because of the many characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles can be applied to multiple industries fields. With the development of society, the application rate of aluminum profiles has increased year by year. So what industries are the specifically suitable for aluminum profiles?

Let's take a look at the current field of aluminum products products in various industries in China:

1. Light industry: The most aluminum for daily hardware and home appliances. For example, the TV frame in the aluminum products

2. Electrical industry: Aluminum cylinder in my country's high -voltage transmission line is almost all steel core aluminum twisted lines. In addition, transformers coils, inductive motor rotors, and home cables also use transformer aluminum bands, as well as aluminum power cables, aluminum wiring and aluminum electromagnetic cables.

3. Machinery Manufacturing: Aluminum alloy is mainly used for machinery manufacturing.

4. Electronics industry: Aluminum is widely used in the electronics industry, such as radio, extender, television, capacitors, potentials, speakers and other civil products and infrastructure. A large amount of aluminum is used for radar, tactical missiles and military products additional equipment. Aluminum products, because light, convenient, suitable for the shell protection of various electronic products.

5. Construction industry: Nearly half of aluminum materials are used in the construction industry, manufacturing aluminum doors and windows, structural parts, decorative boards, curtain wall aluminum veneers, etc. Packaging industry: All aluminum cans are the most popular packaging materials in the global packaging industry, and cigarette packaging is the largest user of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is also widely used in other packaging industries such as candy, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics, and aluminum in automobiles, metallurgy, aerospace, railway and other industries.

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