17th of August ,2023

The main difference between 304 stainless steel belt and 316 stainless steel belt

The two most commonly used stainless steel band models are 304 stainless steel bands and 316 stainless steel bands. Customers usually choose different models according to the needs or environmental environment, but for customers who buy stainless steel bands for the first time, they may not know what the numbers in different models mean. Today, I will explain to you this aspect. knowledge.

In fact, the main difference between the 304 stainless steel belt and the 316 stainless steel zone are reflected in whether there is still chemical element molybdenum (MO) in the product. For the stainless steel of the 316 model In addition, people generally believe that 316 products have better corrosion resistance in the high temperature environment, so general professional engineering personnel will choose to use 316 materials products, but it should be noted that when concentrated sulfuric acid is used in the environment, it is it, it is It must not be made of No. 316, otherwise molybdenum elements will react with concentrated sulfuric acid to generate molybdenum sulfide, which is very serious for the consequences of the reaction.

From the above understanding, it can be known that in fact, the numbers in the stainless steel belt have no special significance, that is, 04 or 16 in 316 and 304 do not represent a specific value, that is, the combination of this number and model is actually not too much. Multi -regularity can be followed. For some people who need to master this aspect, you need to use a modeled memory method to keep the model's model with their own characteristics. Very serious consequences.


In addition, it should be noted that when buying stainless steel belts, you must choose a product with reliable product quality and complete service to cooperate. Excessive quality can ensure the application effect of the product, and good customer service can help customers from a lot of worries.

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