19th of March ,2021

The latest news about JM stainless steel product processing and packaging process in 2021

JM stainless steel product processing mainly includes blanking, surface treatment, welding, etc.:

Unloading. The most basic content in sheet metal processing during blanking. For different products, the basic sheet metal parts are processed, and then assembled and welded. The shearing in the blanking is to cut a whole plate through a large stainless steel shearing machine to obtain different parts of the product. Among them, laser cutting is a very common type of cutting method. He can perform various complex cuttings according to the drawings, including some circles, characters, and patterns, which can be obtained by laser cutting.


Surface treatment. For some sheet metal processing parts that have requirements for the surface color of stainless steel, surface treatment is a necessary processing procedure. The more common surface treatments include titanium plating, fluorocarbon spraying, and painting. After cold plate processing, surface electroplating is generally carried out. After electroplating, spraying treatment is not carried out. Phosphating treatment is used, and spraying treatment is required after phosphating treatment. The surface of the electroplated board is cleaned, degreased, and then sprayed.

Welding. The last process of sheet metal processing during welding, the main welding methods are argon arc welding, electric welding, and carbon dioxide shielded welding. After the basic parts of sheet metal processing are completed, they need to be spliced to ensure the forming of the product. In order to keep the product firm and the splicing of files without buckles, the welding is very important. For some products with higher requirements, the welding place should be polished to make the welding point and the product perfectly blend. The product looks the same in one go.

The commonly used methods of JM stainless steel are wooden boxes, wooden frames, and wooden boards:                                                           

The mirror stainless steel material packed in wooden boxes is usually transported by air, sea or logistics, and the distance is long. In order to avoid shaking caused by bumps, the wooden box can only be out of the actual material. After the material is completely packed, the wooden box After the sides and top are bound, they are completely packaged.

(Each customer’s material size is different, and the wooden box has to be customized according to the customer’s customized material size)


Wooden frame packaging: The products packed in wooden frames are usually picked up by customers or delivered by us. They are all in the province, so the packaging requirements are not so strict. But the packaging cannot be omitted.

Wooden board packaging: The wooden board packaging is a bit the same as the wooden frame packaging. The wooden board can be larger than the actual material. After the product is placed, it will usually be fixed by wrapping film around and on the top. There is no strict requirement for this, as long as the material does not turn. , Loose it.No matter how well the product packaging is done, there will be unavoidable situations. Take care when loading and unloading goods.

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