20th of May ,2021

The birthday party for company employees held in May

The birthday party for company employees held in May

In order to enhance the cohesion of the company, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, embody humanistic care, further promote the company’s corporate culture, form a good corporate centripetal force and cohesion, so that every employee can truly feel the warm family of the company’s large company and the headquarters’ The human resources department further enriched the content including employee birthday care.

In May, JM Steel’s May employee birthday care arrived, and the company’s workplace was particularly warm. Every Monday, the Human Resources Department will personally send bouquets, greeting cards and gift certificates to employees who celebrate their birthdays this week. 

This is the company’s sincere greetings and warm wishes to each employee. An old employee who has worked in the company for a long time said excitedly: "I have attended many birthday parties and also attended birthday parties, but the company’s birthday care is very pleasant and I am still very touched. Thank you for your careful preparation for the company. And thank you for joining. Life, thank you for being a living person." A college student who recently joined the company said that I fully felt the warmth of home and experienced a truly caring corporate culture. I will definitely work harder to give back to the company.

"People-oriented" is the core competitiveness of modern corporate culture. An excellent corporate culture should have rich connotations and a profound background. The combination of scientific management and humanized processing is an important part of corporate culture. The birthday care of JM Steel employees reflects humanistic care. I believe that through this meaningful activity, everyone in life can feel the company's affectionate care, feel the collective warmth and happiness, and become more meaningful. Have confidence to advance hand in hand with the company and develop together!

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