12th of April ,2022

Surface processing method of 304 stainless steel strip

There are many processing methods of stainless steel, and for a common product such as 304 stainless steel strip, the processing methods are also different. This article mainly introduces four surface processing methods of 304 stainless steel strip, which are used in mainstream processing plants, and through What are the uses of 304 stainless steel strip after different surface processing methods.

1. 304 stainless steel strip - 8K processing

Compared with 200 series stainless steel belt, 304 stainless steel belt has more obvious advantages in 8k treatment. After 2B cold rolling surface treatment, and then 8K grinding, generally only one processing is needed to achieve the mirror effect. At present, the most common 8K grinding process on the market is nitric acid mixed with red iron oxide. This processing method is less expensive, the equipment cost is low, and the overall grinding cost is low, so 304 mirror stainless steel belts are also widely used.

2. 304 stainless steel strip - titanium processing

This processing method is suitable for high-end decorative materials, and has a gorgeous effect after processing. In fact, 304 stainless steel has been widely used in titanium decoration a long time ago, and is commonly used in elevators and building decoration materials.

Due to its superior surface processing performance, 304 stainless steel strip is widely used in various decorative materials, and its corrosion resistance is strong. Although the market of 200 series and 400 series stainless steel strips has developed rapidly, 304 stainless steel strips are still used in decorative materials. Is the customer's first choice.

304 stainless steel strip

3. 304 stainless steel belt - dry grinding and wire drawing

At present, the common wire drawing products on the market are filament and short wire. After this surface processing, the 304 stainless steel belt has a good decorative effect and can basically meet the requirements of most decorative materials.

Generally speaking, 304 stainless steel belts can achieve the desired effect in one sanding. Due to the low cost, convenient operation and wide application range of such processing equipment, it has become the best choice for processing centers. Therefore, most machining centers can provide frosted plates for filaments and short filaments, of which more than 80% are 304 stainless steel strips.

4. 304 stainless steel belt - oil grinding wire drawing

Compared with dry grinding and wire drawing, 304 stainless steel strips can achieve a more perfect decorative effect after being treated by oil grinding, so this treatment is widely used on decorative panels such as elevators and home appliances. Cold-rolled 304 stainless steel strip can usually achieve good results after one grinding pass. At present, there are some machining centers that can provide oil-based grinding of hot-rolled stainless steel strip, and the effect is comparable to cold-rolled oil grinding. Oily drawing is also divided into filament and short filament, elevator decoration can choose filament, all kinds of kitchen utensils and small appliances can choose two kinds of patterns.

Through the introduction of the surface processing method of 304 stainless steel strip, we understand that different surface treatment methods will bring about completely different processing effects. Users can choose the appropriate processing method to help them achieve the products they want to process.

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