22nd of March ,2022

Storage and maintenance of stainless steel

Stainless steel is an indispensable basic building material in modern life. Stainless steel material is a high-strength and high-corrosion-resistant building material with a long service life. However, this does not mean that the preservation and maintenance of stainless steel can be ignored. As a daily raw material, stainless steel materials should not only be paid attention to during product production, but also should be paid considerable attention to transportation and storage after the product is completed.

Stainless steel products have good oxidation resistance and hardness, and are the most common raw materials now. Due to the long service life of stainless steel products, stainless steel materials are recognized by consumers. However, there are also points that need to be paid attention to in the process of storage, transportation, welding and processing of stainless steel, otherwise stainless steel products will be easily corroded and affect the use of consumers.

Storage of stainless steel parts: Stainless steel materials should be stored on wooden or painted steel shelves or rubber pads, and should be placed separately from other steel materials to avoid dust, oil, and rust from corroding the stainless steel surface.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel transportation: It is best to use vehicles for transportation, supplemented by isolation facilities, to reduce the corrosion of stainless steel products by air and dust.

Processing of stainless steel parts: For the original products made of stainless steel, secondary reprocessing is required to a large extent. When processing, pay attention to the relatively fixed stainless steel processing area, and the stainless steel operating platform to be relatively isolated. Pay attention to the customized management of the processing area of stainless steel parts to prevent damage and rust to the stainless steel parts.

Stainless steel welding: The main processing method of stainless steel materials is cutting and welding. The cutting and welding of stainless steel is the most common stainless steel processing. When processing, you need to pay attention to the mandatory assembly. During the processing, you must always pay attention not to cause pollution to the stainless steel, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the stainless steel and cause corrosion. When welding, try to use argon arc welding. Weld joints need to be repaired more.

In addition to the post-maintenance of stainless steel products, the quality of stainless steel in the production process also plays a crucial role in the quality of stainless steel. High-quality stainless steel products can save you a lot of maintenance work in the later stage, and the product quality is also high and the service life is long. Although stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and long service life, it also requires users to maintain it well. Although high-quality stainless steel can be used for a long time and effectively, it is necessary to maintain stainless steel products reasonably and effectively. Proper storage, transportation, welding, and processing can prolong the use efficiency of stainless steel products.

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