13th of April ,2021

Press release of the company‘s outstanding team and outstanding employee award ceremony

JM Company has always been inspiring to be the best stainless steel leading enterprise. In order to better stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work, fully mobilize employees' enthusiasm and initiative, and correctly guide employees' career development direction. The Human Resources Department of JM Company solemnly held the "Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Teams and Outstanding Employees in the Third Quarter of 2021" on Aprial 13, 2021.

Some leaders of JM Company attended this award ceremony. The award ceremony was hosted by the Human Resources Department and more than 100 middle and senior leaders and employees of the company attended.

In order to fully mobilize the service awareness and initiative of frontline employees, create a positive and positive service atmosphere, and achieve a clear distinction between rewards and punishments, in accordance with the requirements of the company's reward system, a total of three awards were selected in the third quarter, of which the business department was rated as an excellent department. The operation department was rated as the most promising department, and the production department was rated as an advanced department.

Finally, the award ceremony ended successfully in a pleasant atmosphere. The company leaders took a group photo with all outstanding staff and individuals. This event was well received by the employees. In the future, the company will continue to carry out the selection of outstanding teams and outstanding individuals as a key task for a long time, so that more employees who silently pay in front-line positions can stand out and create a good atmosphere in which everyone strives to be advanced. We believe that through all employees with joint efforts, JM Company will face a new level. We are committed to becoming the world's largest, best and most professional steel trading company.

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