6th of November ,2023

Nickel and rational nickel for saving the stainless steel industry

Chrome nickel stainless steel, represented by "304", is still the best material. The matching of chromium and nickel ensures that the comprehensive performance of stainless steel is the best and the most widely used. Therefore, in the United States, stainless steel with "304" and "316" brands is still widely used, especially the use of "304" accounts for 30%to 50%. However, nickel resources are a scarce resource in the world and an important strategic material, so we must pay attention to saving nickel.

From the perspective of sustainable development: to save the use of nickel. At present, the global metal reserves are only about 60 million tons. The actual dosage of one year is about one million tons. If the use speed is expected, it will be consumed within 50 years. Even nickel -rich countries are also working on the rationalization of nickels and cope with this problem from the perspective of sustainable development. It should always implement the "3R" principle -to save resources, reuse (REUSE), and waste recycling cycles to use nickel to use nickel.

Beet on the nickel of nickel: "200" of "200" stainless steel with low nickel and low chromium and high manganese. The reason why stainless steel is stainless is because of chromium, if chromium is reduced to no or low, it will inevitably bring some problems. The popular "200" stainless steel has been as low as 13%, and the non -standard is still less than 13%. Isn't it impossible to guarantee stainlessness? In addition, it also contains 13%manganese (mn), and the two -phase deduction is not equal to zero. Of course, we cannot deny "200", because in international standard standards, the standard "201" and "202" signs, "201" contain 17%chromium, "202" contains 18%chromium, nickel is 5 At about %, but domestic manufacturers have produced non -standard products in order to cater to low -end demand. Of course, this is a solution to the nickel nickel.

The correct choice of nickel -saving: since the launch of low -nickel or nickel -free iron -free stainless steel. Everyone chooses a wide range of noodles. This is the value of ferrite stainless steel. Today, large -scale stainless steel plants such as Taigang and Baosteel produces a few million tons of stainless steel annually. Enterprises with stainless steel capabilities have the conditions to produce modern iron stainless steel. Therefore, China's iron stainless steel has matured conditions, and many private enterprises have also increased the output in this area. It can also be said that it is cheap and cheap stainless steel used in non -food -level and medical -grade fields, which is ferrite stainless steel. In Japan, the front door of the home appliances is the most popular for ladies for ferris stainless steel. What is the reason? They can use a variety of refrigerator stickers to beautify the living environment, and the other is used to get used to the stickers. Of course, it is not uncommon to replace the stainless steel refrigerator door with tempered glass parts in China.

Nickel's future use in the stainless steel industry. The stainless steel industry does not turn into non -nickel, but that many purposes without the nickel industry cannot be met. Most of the positions that are used in a reasonable use of Ausllar stainless steel are still nickel tailored to local conditions. According to foreign experience, it is initially believed that Austeen stainless steel should account for about 50%. If we export stainless steels are "304", the proportion of nickel flow may increase, but the total target value is about 50%, and the iron body steel is about 40%. The remaining steel numbers are selected. What we should pay attention to is the problem of more effective nickel dosage. In addition, the stainless steel of high -end equipment to develop the "super" name must be used. Nickel must be used. In order to improve the component processability, nickel must also be added, and the processability of 1%to 2%is better, and the processability is better. The current super double stainless steel is also indispensable. Almost all super -stainless steels have nickels, so nickel should be used more effectively in the future. The principle of sustainable development is to save nickel and rational nickel, and give full play to its role.

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