4th of August ,2021

High temperature employee care held by JM Steel

Recently, the high temperature in Wuxi, the city where JM Steel is located, has touched the hearts of the company's bosses. The company's senior management is always concerned about the operation of employees under the high temperature, and in order to ensure the safety of employees' work, the company insists on "people-oriented", continues to serve and protect employees' health, and takes multiple measures to comprehensively respond to the "heat stroke prevention and cooling" battle.

On the one hand, the company continues to strengthen the education and training on heatstroke prevention and cooling, popularize the knowledge of high-temperature protection and first aid for heatstroke, and continuously improve the awareness of heatstroke prevention and cooling and self-protection ability of employees; on the other hand, the company comprehensively composes and investigates the high-temperature positions and high-temperature operations in each operation area at the grassroots level, constantly improves the protective measures and minimizes the possibility of heatstroke among employees.


At the same time, in order to ensure that workers spend the summer safely, the company has carried out various forms of service activities for workers. On August 4, the top management of the company brought mineral water, watermelon and other heat protection items into the production workshops of steel making plant, steel making plant, steel rolling plant and power plant to visit and condole with front-line workers, equipped with essential drugs for heat protection such as wind oil, cool oil and Huo Xiang Zheng Qi water, specially checked the drinking water equipment in the operation area, refrigerators and fans in the lounge and other heat protection equipment, carried out cool activities, listened to the demands of workers, solved the worries of workers, and sent care and warmth to the workers fighting in the front line.


In addition, the company also actively pays close attention to the physical condition of the workers, and creates good conditions and solid guarantee for the safe operation of the high-temperature workers by taking timely heat insulation, ventilation and cooling measures, reasonably arranging or minimizing the continuous operation time of the workers during the high-temperature hours, and effectively solving the difficult problems around the workers. The staffs who keep on the front line under the high temperature were sympathized and sent coolness to them in the hot summer and thanked them for their contribution to the company.


Mr. Liu went into the steel rolling workshop and urged all the workers who were at their posts, "Now it is the high temperature season, I hope everyone should pay attention to safety while working hard, take care of their bodies and prevent heat stroke to ensure a safe summer." At the same time, we also sent the comforting products to prevent heatstroke, and expressed our care for the workers in simple words, which made everyone feel affectionate.

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