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Does aluminum not rust?

Aluminum, a metal that can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, is known for its lightness and strength. But have you ever wondered if aluminum will rust like iron? Today, let's uncover this mystery together.

First, let's correct a common misunderstanding: aluminum will not rust. The white spots you see are actually a protective film that aluminum naturally forms in the air. This film is aluminum oxide formed by the combination of aluminum and oxygen. It is very thin, but very hard and can protect aluminum from corrosion.

Aluminium corrosion resistance is very good in untreated aluminium. Untreated aluminium has very good corrosion resistance in most environments. 

Does aluminum not rust

The most common types of aluminium corrosion are:

galvanic corrosion


crevice corrosion

Stress corrosion

Aluminum is a very popular material in construction, car manufacturing, and even in our mobile phone cases. It is not only light, but also durable and requires almost no special maintenance. This is why you see so many modern buildings made of aluminum, which can remain bright and new even after being exposed to wind and rain.

However, this does not mean that aluminum is invincible in any environment. In some special chemical environments, such as seawater, this protective film may be damaged. Therefore, we still need to properly surface treat aluminum to ensure its long-term use.

Scientists have been studying how to make aluminum more durable. Through technologies such as anodizing and coating, we can make the surface of aluminum stronger and further improve its corrosion resistance.

These characteristics of aluminum make it play an increasingly important role in modern society. From the electronic products in our hands to the sustainable development projects in the future, aluminum has a lot of uses.

The self-protection ability of aluminum gives us a new understanding of this metal. With the development of science and technology, we have reason to believe that aluminum will play a greater role in our lives. In the world of SEO, we will continue to share more interesting knowledge to help everyone better understand the materials around us.

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