17th of November ,2022

How to deal with scratches on stainless steel mirror sheet

If the 8K (mirror) board is accidentally scratched, how to rescue it? If the scratches are not very serious, during the mirror polishing process, the scratched area can be ground as smooth as possible by slowing down the speed of the feed roller and lowering the grinding head.

It is generally understood that the mirror stainless steel scratches appear in the following situations:

The first is that the plate is scratched before processing, but it is not obvious. This requires judging the severity of the scratch. If the scratch area and scratch depth have exceeded the customer's acceptance of the final product effect, then the plate that meets the requirements should be replaced, that is, the check of the processing operator is very important.

The second is that the board has been mirror-finished, but it was accidentally scratched during the film application process. There are many kinds of such scratches, such as: point scratches, linear scratches, and large area scratches. Point-like scratches, regardless of depth, can be repaired by argon arc welding, and then polished with a grinder. After grinding, they are processed by mirror polishing equipment twice or more, which can basically solve this problem.

mirror stainless steel sheet

If it is repaired on the bright surface, the polishing method can be used to repeatedly polish with different meshes of polishing wheels. Generally, the sandblasting method is used for matte surface repair, which requires special equipment. If the panel is brushed in the early stage, special equipment is also required for processing. No matter which method is used, the surface must be passivated at the end. If it is judged to be a slight scratch, if it is a mirror surface, you can use polishing wax to polish the surface of the stainless steel plate. If it is a wire drawing machine, you can use a wire drawing machine to brush the surface of the stainless steel plate.

Then there are linear scratches, which are what we call scratches. The treatment of scratches is relatively difficult, and shallow scratches can be solved by the above methods (slow down the speed of the feed roller, lower the grinding head). Deep scratches are not easy to deal with. Lishun Stainless Steel recommends that you try to avoid scratches when processing and cutting mirror panel materials.

In addition, large-area scratches and scratches can also be divided into deep and shallow scratches, and the treatment methods are the same as above.

If it is the third case of scratching, it is trickier. Because of this secondary scratch, it should be avoided as much as possible. It is recommended that you reduce or avoid the possibility of scratches on the mirror panel by the following methods: stick a protective film on the surface of the board, pack the board with a wooden frame, put cardboard or plastic boards on the top and bottom of the board, pack the whole with waterproof paper, and clearly indicate "protection" on the board or packaging surface Good board, don't scratch" and so on. If there are scratches on the finished mirror stainless steel plate, it can basically be fixed according to the method mentioned above. If it is a semi-finished device with scratches on the mirror surface, you need to use a variety of polishing equipment. For example, a hand-held polishing machine that can replace a variety of polishing wheels can be used together to achieve a better repair effect.

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